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DEMO Profile: Grene Robotics

By Vanessa Koo

Company: Grene Robotics Product Name: Corporate Officers: CEO Kiran Penumacha, VP Marketing & Sales Annirudh Duddala Market Segment: Smart Data Market Opportunity: A company has 2000 employees plus 600 assets (like plant and machinery). If you do the math, you realize that this alone comes to 1.3 million fields of data collected per day. […]

Conferences, DEMO, Enterprise, Great Products, Innovators

What Were You Doing At 19 Years Old?

By Neal Silverman


Ingrid Vanderveldt , Entrepreneur in Resident at DELL sits down with Noor Siddiqui, a Peter Thiel 20 under 20 Fellow to discuss her product launch at DEMO Enterprise. Beam by Remedy enables secure, first-person visual streaming from Google Glass to targeted experts for clinical collaboration. Beam makes it easier than ever before for clinicians to […]

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DEMO Profile: Eko Devices

By Vanessa Koo

Company: Eko Devices Product Name: Eko Corporate Officers: CEO Connor Landgraf, COO Jason Bellet Market Segment: 3D Printing, Wearables Market Opportunity: Doctors currently have the almost impossible task of trying to hear minute differences between heart sounds, which results in frequent misdiagnosis and undetected heart conditions. Almost 80% of new internal medicine doctors can’t diagnose […]

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DEMO Founder School With Alan Kay: The Future Doesn’t Have To Be Incremental

By Erick Schonfeld

Alan Kay

Alan Kay, one of the original scientists at Xerox Parc brought us object-oriented programming, the GUI, and imagined a protean version of the laptop decades before a laptop was even possible. He once famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Last week at DEMO Enterprise, he delivered the keynote […]

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DEMO Watch: Yext Revenues Revealed

By Erick Schonfeld

Yext Revenue slide

Yext CEO Howard Lerman surprised the audience at DEMO Enterprise last week by revealing the slide above, which details his private company’s revenues. The NYC-based enterprise startup grew from $2.7 million in revenues in 2011 to $14.7 million in 2012, and $33.8 million in 2013, according to Lerman. He projects revenues will hit $56 million […]

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DEMO Labs: Here Comes The Drones

By Neal Silverman


Helen Greiner launched iRobot at DEMO 14 years ago. Now she is the co-founder and CEO of CyPhy Works, a startup developing “flying robots” or drones for industrial applications. In this DEMO Labs talk at DEMO Enterprise, she takes us through the history of drones—from hobbyist toys to industrial surveillance. “Anywhere it is hard to […]

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DEMO Watch: Yext CEO Howard Lerman and Going After The Bigger Prize

By Neal Silverman


Conferences, DEMO, Enterprise, Innovators

DEMO Watch: Box CEO Aaron Levie On Taking On Incumbents

By Neal Silverman


In the opening round of DEMO Enterprise, Box CEO Aaron Levie spoke with executive producer Erick Schonfeld about deciding to go after the enterprise, taking on incumbents, his views on the NSA’s incursion into the Internet, and parried questions about Box’s upcoming IPO. “If I could do it over, I’d move faster,” he says. Watch […]

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DEMO Gods Of the Enterprise: Eko Devices, Learnmetrics, Parklet, And ThinAir

By Erick Schonfeld

DEMO Enterprise Gods

On Thursday, 26 new products launched at DEMO Enterprise, ranging from Cloud and Smart Data to Wearables and Work. You can watch all the DEMOs and speaker sessions  on YouTube. At the end of the day, four companies emerged as DEMO Gods: Eko Devices, Learnmetrics, Parklet, And ThinAir. Their 4-minute DEMOs are below: Eko Devices With […]


New technologies set to launch today at DEMO Enterprise

By Vanessa Koo


DEMO Enterprise is set to welcome the launch of 26 new technologies solving big problems at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco today. More than 500 guests and nearly 100 journalists will delve into the ecosystem of emerging tech setting the pace for the future of business during this one-day event. Several industry […]

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