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DEMO Enterprise: New Tech Solving Big Problems

By Erick Schonfeld

DEMO Enterprise

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In Silicon Valley, the shift is palpable. Startups and dollars are moving towards the enterprise in a massive way. Two years ago, only 38 percent of the top 50 tech deals in venture capital went to enterprise startups. Today, 70 percent is going to enterprise (see chart). Yet beyond the VC world, companies targeting the enterprise don’t get the love and attention they deserve. We are going to change all that with our next event on April 3 , 2014 n San Francisco: DEMO Enterprise. (Apply here to launch a new enterprise product).

DEMO Enterprise will be a one-day event devoted to new products and technologies transforming businesses large and small. At DEMO, we are all about uncovering new technologies solving big problems. These generally take the form of new products that launch onstage at DEMO. But we will be adding a few new twists this time around: showcasing both breakthrough technologies from the labs and more established products that are gaining significant traction.

The shift to enterprise is being driven by several factors, including the growing dominance of cloud and mobile computing. The cloud changes everything in the enterprise. As Peter Levine, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz points out in his SaaS Manifesto: ”It’s a meritocracy of applications, where the best wins.” Enterprise startups used to be sales driven. Now they are product driven. With mobile, design is becoming paramount and enterprise products are beginning to feel like consumer products. In fact, Evernote CEO Phil Libin told the audience at DEMO Fall that he expects the lines between consumer and enterprise products to disappear.

The focus at DEMO is on real, working products because that is the way founders and engineers solve problems: they build the solutions. In the enterprise, if you are not solving a real problem, you don’t survive. How do you bring collaboration tools to a mobile workforce? How do you reduce the cost or increase the flexibility of manufacturing? How do you bring Internet-scale computing to every company on the planet? How do you create vast sensor networks to track the living pulse of your organization? How do you replicate entire corporate functions and departments with automated software in the cloud? How do you take the friction out of commerce? How do you reach millions of consumers in a conversational way? How do you create sustainable technologies that drive the economy forward?

If your company is solving a hard problem, we want to hear from you. Apply to DEMO Enterprise or send me an email. We are looking for companies pushing the envelope in cloud computing, new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, Big Data, analytics, advertising technologies, local commerce, healthcare, education, finance, 3D printing, commercial applications for drones and sensor networks, green tech, food tech, radical new data center hardware or software, or developer tools.

About half the products we launched at DEMO Fall were enterprise products, including the majority of the DEMO Gods. Here is a sampling from that event:

ShelfBucks (DEMO video): AdWords for retail using mobile phones and beacons
JustWorks (DEMO video): HR in the cloud
Warwick Analytics (DEMO video): Detecting manufacturing defects with big data
ScriptRock: (DEMO video): Visualizing inconsistencies for DevOps
Mainframe2 (DEMO video): The next generation of cloud apps
Contatta (DEMO video): Collaboration suite in the cloud
Foko (DEMO video): Instagram for business

We bring founders, investors, CIOs, and the press together to explore the future of technology. DEMO has a few unique advantages in the enterprise. DEMO is owned by IDG, which publishes CIO, InfoWorld, Network World, TechHive, among other industry publications, and owns market-research firm IDC. We recently formed the DEMO CIO Council to tap into the expertise of CIOs and CTOs from the world’s leading companies including Intel, CBS, Morgan Stanley, Workday, BNSF, Harley Davidson, Clorox, Amgen, and Dish Networks to help us with our agenda. Many of these CIOs attend DEMO to look for innovations that can help their companies. “This is our filter,” Workday CIO Steven John said a few weeks ago on an enterprise panel at DEMO Fall a few weeks ago.

Come be part of that filter.  Apply to launch at DEMO Enterprise

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